Durable. Resilient. Simply the Ultimate

Ultimate Color is your virtual showroom for custom color blending of high-quality, resilient rubber flooring. Choose from two distinct collections – Ultimate Design or Ultimate Tough – and 5 different blending modes. For an infinite number of color combinations, go for Ultimate Design. For high-wear active spaces and limited color, choose Ultimate Tough.

No matter what your rubber flooring application requires, Ultimate Color will quickly blend your granule color selections into a custom digital swatch and showcase your flooring in a simulated working environment. When you're finished building your Ultimate Color swatches, you can easily print the selections or submit a request for an actual resilient sample. It’s that easy!

Fast. Efficient. Simply The Ultimate

Full Depth Color Blend
100% EPDM Color Granules
30 | 70 Color Blend
30% SBR Black Rubber
70% EPDM Color Granules
50 | 50 Color Blend
50% SBR Black Rubber
50% EPDM Color Granules
80 | 20 Color Blend
80% SBR Black Rubber
20% EPDM Color Granules
90 | 10 Color Blend
90% SBR Black Rubber
10% EPDM Color Granules